The Aftermath EP

by Of Kings

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released June 14, 2014

guitars: John Tollefson
drums: Chris Stallings
Bass: Jake Montanegro
Recorded at Kaliwete Sound



all rights reserved


Of Kings Mc Kinney, Texas

I've been in bands. I've argued over sound and have had bad falling outs with members. No more. This is a project that I've started with my ideas and my vision. No one else's. With the help of vocalist from Never In Ruin, Kings and Daughters, an amazing drummer from Austin, TX and good friends who want to help, this is going to be my legacy. About to hit the studio to record the "EP" ... more

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Track Name: The Denial (featuring Patrick Browning)
We are holding on to what we want to be true
Track Name: Buried the Hatchet (featuring Patrick Browning)
Lying on your back, my hand out stretched but you resist it.
How could you reject the truth that I told you.
Even as she betrays you, your mind denies it.
I'm in disbelief you would run from the truth than face it.

So lets raise our glasses high and have a toast to the past. Because tonight we burry all that has held us back. We have our faults but we don't dwell on what has elapsed. We are at peace with ourselves and where we are at.

Tonight we make an oath to never turn back

Some things are better off left dead.
Some things are better off dead.

And with that our friendship has come to an end
(I had to do it. I had to do it for me)
You just through it all away. We will never be the same
(I had to do it. I had to do it for me)
Fuck that shit

Go to chorus

Hate cannot drive out hate.
And the weak cannot forgive
Track Name: Dynasty (featuring Jordan Hernandez from Never In Ruin)
There's no turning back
I’ve made up mind, the only thing that lays behind me are ghosts and dead memories but I swear to God this won’t be my legacy. Let’s rewind the clock and examine the bodies to retell what brought us here. You smelled blood in the water with ambitions to proper and stepped on the throats of us all. But little did you know who you were dealing with or the flame that engulfs my soul. With the knife in your hand you had to understand that only one of us was going to leave here alive. And in this moment you will be forgotten like ash in the wind.

Remember this. When the sands of time erode away and your memory fades with the dawn of a new day. I have made my mark; you will remember my words; you will remember my name. Nothing lasts forever and everyone meets their Maker. I told you once but you didn’t remember or believe me that I’d be the last one standing.

I have given up hope trying to understand, trying to rationalize the thought process or the mindset of someone willing to sacrifice all of their friends to get ahead in life.

You deserve what you got and you deserve a fate worse than death.
Track Name: Avarice (featuring Carlos Salazar from Kings & Daughters)
Long ago I read the words that said April was the cruelest month
but you drew your first breath in the spring of '87
And my heart, how it stops and it starts and it cracks and breaks
When I think of your eyes and the way you lips would bend so gracefully
Into the crease of your smile.

Last March, it came and it went and it took your last thoughts and that smile. Elliot wrote of the Spring, lilacs, and desire
But none of these words could fill the empty echoes that resonated through my bones

As we carried your casket with the wind in our eyes and your voice in our ears.

On that night we met, you were like fireworks in the noonday sky.
Beautiful and vibrant, something I had never seen before.
Everyday that passes is another note on moving on and letting go. (Just Let Go)

These unspoken thoughts between us both. Is there a room now where you are? Where the walls are covered with them all?
Or do they fade or disappear like the sent of that Summer?

Ten long years have gone

When we were kids, Young but in love. Passion not logic.
I swear the years are not enough
What I'd give for one more moment with your eyes and that crease
of your smile, keeping your demons away.